Engineering Manager, Traveller, Continuous learner

I grew up in Palermo, Italy and I lived one of my best years in Valencia. I started working in Milan and I improved my programming skills in London. Now in Barcelona, never tired of improving and learning new things.



Alessio was born in Palermo, Sicily, the 16th of March 1983, around 12 pm. But he didn’t really remember it. He is Piscis, ascendant in Cancer.

And although he doesn’t really believe a lot in horoscope and astrology, he thinks that in some way the month when you born could influence the personality of a person.

After just 10 years he moves from a house in the centre of Palermo to another area of the city. He starts the elementary school one year early and he gets the bachelors degree in 2001, when he is 19 years old, with a votation of 73/100.

During these years he gets the nickname “Zefiro”, the God of the wind that was bringing the spring, and then “Ale206”, assigned to him from a group of friends according to the car he was driving, a Peugeot 206. Other people also call him “Pizzino”, for an ironic history that he prefers not to tell.


From the end of November 2012 he starts working for Kiwari as a Software Engineer and in the little free time he has, works to his personal project, MyCookin, started in April 2012 with his ex-colleague Saverio Cammarata. In May 2013, he decides to give a last 6 months chance to his life in Italy, hoping that something could really change. And in those 6 months, nothing happens.

So the 5th of November (Remember, remember, the fifth of November) he gets a one-way flight to London, where he decides to start a new life looking for investors for MyCookin. Before starting his new adventure in London, he spends two very amazing and intense weeks around Colombia. MyCookin starts be recognised thanks to interviews in TgCom, Radio Capital, Radio Deejay and other ones. The days are spent in meetings, small jobs as a freelance, marketing and pitches.

But in March all his budget ends, and he starts working for Orwell Group, a fintech company in the City, where he works for a project of a new European bank.

After one year and a half, in Adazzle he starts his very big experience as Tech Lead, but he also starts missing the summer and the long distances of London start becoming tiring.


At the University he lost all the years saved during the bachelor school, but he gets a degree in Computer Engineering in 2012, with a thesis on “Project management and time report for Big Retail Channel company.”

He attends a course for Webmasters at the ITI Vittorio Emanuele III in Palermo, where he works as an internship at Neomedia ISP, and he attends a course on Networking at Clinica La Maddalena, always in Palermo.

He studies English for a long time and from 2003 he starts travelling, visiting many European capitals.

In 2006 he lives in Valencia, Spain, for 11 months, thanks to the Erasmus project. There, he lives one of the best experiences of his life.

Went back to Palermo, in the August of 2007, he lives one year in his city and in 2008 he finds a job (or, as he says, a job finds him), in an IT Consultant company in Milan. From 2008 to 2012 he starts working for Auchan Italia where manage the Intranet of the company.


After one year, he has the opportunity to go back to Spain, in Barcelona, where he starts working for Kigo, a RealPage company in the Vacation Rental sector. There he realise from scratch the new architecture for the new Channel Manager and he lives well also thanks to chocolate croissants and almost 9 months of summer.

In 2019, after the difficult decision to leave a good team, he starts working as Software Engineering Manager at Dow Jones, where he is currently employed.


Years of Experience
Companies where I worked
Personal Project

Dow Jones

Software Engineer Manager 

Barcelona, Spain | April 2019 – Today


Technical Lead 

Barcelona, Spain | March 2017 – April 2019

I am leading a team responsible for the development of the new Channel Manager, part of the Kigo Software that allows users to configure listings, and synchronise them through our partner channels (, Airbnb, HomeAway, etc.) thanks to dedicated API.

 Tech Lead in an international team made up of 7 people. Mentor for junior developers. Responsible for code reviews and merges. Responsible for the architecture of the new Channel Manager. Support to Product Managers to assign tasks and estimate time. Improved skills in:

.NET Core, C# 4.6.1, T-SQL, Moq, XUnit, REST API, Git, Visual Studio 2017, Postman, Swagger, Jira, Confluence, TeamCity

Strata (Adazzle)

Technical Lead 

London, UK | March 2016 – February 2017

I am a tech Lead in a team made up of 9 people Mentor for junior developers.

Responsible for code reviews. Responsible for the main architecture on projects related to the team. Support to Product Managers to assign tasks and estimate time. Improved skills in:

C# 4.5, T-SQL, AutoFac, Moq, NUnit, ReactJs, Redux, Jasmine, Gulp, Npm, JSX/ES6, BabelJs, REST API, Facebook Marketing API, Git Migration, Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio Code, Postman, Jira, Confluence, AppVeyor, Git, GhostInspector, Zendesk

Orwell Group

Software Developer 

London, UK | March 2014 – December 2015

I have improved my knowledge in ASP .NET C# 4.5, WCF Service Applications, Entity Framework 6.1, Sql Server 2012, SOAP and REST API. 

Developer of a Payment Gateway Service to provide inbound and outbound payments for FIAT Currencies (Sepa, Bacs, Chaps, SWIFT and Faster Payments channels) and Crypto-Currencies (Bitcoin).

WCF services for vPOS, a virtual pos application for iOS.


Software Developer 

Milan, Italy | November 2012 – December 2013

I have worked for customers such as Alitalia, Air France and Venere for different web applications and web forms to acquire user data.

 Great experience in working in a team.

Iterative adaptation and re-use of code to support customer requirements.

Re-development and improvement of Buonmercato, a web application in C# MVC for discount sharing.

Auchan S.p.A.

Intranet Developer and Administrator

Milan, Italy | August 2008 – November 2012

I was responsible for the intranet within Auchan Italy, a web portal for internal communication. Developed in ASP VBScript, C# 4.0, JavaScript, jQuery.

Experience in working alone and in a team.

Client facing customer liaison to discover requirements and plan implementation.

Responsible for the whole intranet project, including graphics, front-end and back-end

Development of a web application for time reporting and project management utilised by the Auchan IT division

Restyling of the oldest websites

Migration from VBScript to ASP.NET C#

Development of administration pages covering user management, messages and news releases.

Personal Experiences and Volunteer

32th America’s Cup

IT Assistant

Valencia, Spain | May 2007 – June 2007

Helpdesk support, internet connectivity and solving common network problems.


Founder and CEO

Milan, London, Barcelona | April 2012 – Today

A new social network about food, developed in C# 4.0. Great experience with JavaScript, jQuery, Web Services, T-SQL, Facebook and Twitter API. I am currently rewriting the whole code from scratch using WCF Services, Entity Framework, MVC 5.

Developer of the whole user interaction (User Profile, Security, Registration, Login, Wall, Messages, Notifications)

Proven ability to manage a start-up project, to be flexible and a team leader.

Good experience with Agile methodologies and System Development Life Cycle.

Responsible for the user experience and graphic design, for Facebook and Twitter content

Facebook advertising and analysis

Analysis of statistics with Google Analytics

Making presentations and pitches to promote the start-up

Use of Microsoft Visio work flows to avoid bugs and create documentation

Use of Microsoft Project to plan the job and to-do-list

Effective time management and workload scheduling


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering

University of Palermo, Italy | 2012

Thesis Title:“Project Management and Time Reporting for Large Retail Sales and Distribution”.

Erasmus student in Computer Engineering

Universitad Politècnica de Valencia, Spain | 2007

3D drawing of America’s Cup Port with Google SketchUp

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